"Favorite Things"
7" High
PERIWINKLE_42h19w38dp.jpg (54186 bytes)
27" High
PERIWINKLE_42h19w38dp.jpg (54186 bytes)
42" High
19" Wide
38" Deep
PERIWINKLE_42h19w38dp.jpg (54186 bytes)
"Choo Choo"
23 in. Tall

"Dancing Babes"
8" by 12" by 6"

"My Book"
18.5" Tall

10" by 14" by 6"
Edition of 20
15" Tall
"Sackrace 2"
"Sackrace 1"
"Le Juene Femmes"
"Kitty Karma"
"Kitty Karma"
View 2
"Tu Tu "
8" Tall
"Trick or Treat"
7" Tall

"Toadly Cool"
48" High
36 Wide
18 Deep

"Morris the Dragon "
7 ft High
5 ft Wide
3 ft Deep

"The Parade Group"

All of the figures below are part of The Parade Group.
They may also be purchased individually.

39" High
19" Wide
38" Deep
JR_Wheels_bz39hX19wX38d.jpg (78607 bytes)

Created by
Andrea Wilkinson



"Commissioned Sculpture Available for Your Special Needs"

Galleries presently featuring sculpture by Jane Rankin.

The Hayden Hays Gallery
of the
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Joe Wade Fine Arts
102 E. Water Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Also see:
Public Commissions and Collections




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